Saint Francis' Hospital Katete, Zambia
Saint Francis' HospitalKatete, Zambia


Dry season - March/April – November/December. Initially temperatures are around 20-25°c and then by June/July the temperature falls and for a few weeks it can be cold (10-15°c) with chilly winds. From July it gradually gets warmer again. Before the rains begin, it gets very hot (30-35°c) and the humidity increases.


Rainy season - November/December – March/April. Temperatures start at about 30°c and gradually fall as the season progresses to about 20°c. Very heavy rain for short periods alternates with bright sunshine. There are thrilling electrical storms but these often cause power cuts or damage telephone lines.

current weather in Chipata (85k from Katete)

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the current time in Katete is

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