Saint Francis' Hospital Katete, Zambia
Saint Francis' HospitalKatete, Zambia

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If you have a Facebook account, you can join us and the rest of the SFH on-line community on our Facebook “Group” page. It’s a useful way to get questions answered, and also makes it easier for us to keep you up to date with news from SFH as and when it comes in.

medical students


If you are a medical student, and want to enquire about the possibility of spending your elective, e-mail your CV/resume and the dates you intend to travel to



If you’re a qualified professional, and want to volunteer your services to the hospital, please e-mail

Fund-raising & Support


For further details of fund-raising and equipment donations, contact:


Mr. James & Mrs. Faith Cairns (Friends of St. Francis’ Hospital - UK)

Paul & Arlet Splint (Netherlands Medical Support Group - “MSG”)

Direct contact with the Hospital


If you need to contact the Medical or Administrative Directors of the hospital directly, use the contact details below.


Please take into consideration that they are both extremely busy, so ensure that what you want to discuss is important and presented as clearly and succinctly as possible!


There are sometimes problems with telephone lines or the internet server, so please be patient in waiting for a reply.


Dr. Lalick Banda (Medical Superintendent)
Mr. Fred Ntongwe (Acting Senior Hospital Administrator)


postal address:-

Saint Francis Hospital

Private Bag 11



(+) 216 252 210
(+) 216 252 344

Monday - Friday, office hours only.

When calling from the UK of Netherlands, the prefix is 0026. From the US it is 01126.
From within Zambia, the prefix is just 0.



(+) 216 252278



Bezoek ook onze Nederlandse zuster-website

the current time in Katete is

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