Saint Francis' Hospital Katete, Zambia
Saint Francis' HospitalKatete, Zambia

about SFH

St Francis’ Hospital is a large and busy Church Administered Hospital serving the local population of Katete District (over 200,000 people) and receiving specialist referrals from all over Eastern Province (about 1.5 million people).

We are especially focused on providing treatment to the most vulnerable in society and providing training for health professionals.

The hospital is fully integrated into the Zambian Health Service and part funded by the Zambian Government, but also receives funding via the Anglican and Catholic Churches and from overseas support groups in the Netherlands and the U.K.. It has a predominantly Zambian staff of 400, but also uses volunteers from overseas to compensate for the national shortage of clinical staff.

There are 350 beds, divided into adult medical (male and female), paediatric, maternity and surgical (male and female – including gynaecology) wards. There is also a busy Labour Ward (2000 deliveries each year) and a basic Special Care Baby Unit. There are 2 operating theatres, accommodating 6 ”routine” theatre lists each week as well as emergency work. Over 3000 operations are performed annually.

Accidents and injuries are common, and account for the largest proportion of admissions, with Malaria and HIV/AIDS following close behind There are around 22,608 Admissions a year (62 per day) - reaching a peak during the malaria season (February to April), when an average of 30 children are admitted every day.

The General Outpatient Department is the main point of access to the hospital’s services for most patients. 93,038 people are seen and treated annually (on average, 255 per day). There are specialist clinics in Gynaecology, General Surgery, Medicine & Paediatrics, TB. The “Sandy Logie” HIV/AIDS clinic now runs 5 days per week: 5,148,000 tablets of Cotrimoxazole (a prophylactic drug given to patients with HIV) were dispensed in 2010 alone. Clinical officers also run a dental service and an eye clinic.

Paramedical services include physiotherapy, X-ray, laboratory and pharmacy. The HIV/AIDS service provides pre and post test counselling and runs a programme of community based education and preventative activities as well as support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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